Summer STEAM Academy

Bridges Summer STEAM Academy is designed to provide students entering the 5th through 11th grade in the Fall with academic enrichment support to prepare them for the new academic school year. The goal of the program is to improve the student’s math skills and promote a college-going culture in a growth mindset and social emotional learning environment. Under this program, we offer the CSU Summer Algebra Institute for rising 8th through 12th grade students.

In addition, the program is designed to increase student’s knowledge and application of effective learning strategies; increase preparedness for Algebra and Geometry classes; increase the capacity to pass the classes with a minimum grade of “B”; and improve student’s self-esteem.

Our program is facilitated by credentialed math instructors and designed for Middle and High School students who would like to leap ahead of the math learning curve. Furthermore, the program enables and empowers students to succeed in mathematics and related subjects. Our ultimate goal is for students to enroll in higher education immediately after high school graduation.

Algebra is considered to be the gateway course as it relates to college admission and successful completion. Thus, our program focus on academic content, study skills, and college exposure through campus field trips.

Additionally, the program include a college preparation component that consists of academic counseling and exposure to math-based careers and opportunities in higher education.


The Summer STEAM Academy provides:


  • Credentialed teachers

  • Academic pre and post assessments

  • STEAM-based curriculum that includes Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry & Algebra 2

  • Academic Advising & Planning (Individualized Academic Plans)

  • College Prep Workshops (College Admissions & Application; Financial Aid & Scholarships; Career Planning; Parent Involvement & Empowerment)

  • Computer-based math tutorials

  • Cultural literacy addresses any cultural gaps and explores the origins of math

  • College tours and STEAM-related field trips

  • Growth mindset and social emotional learning components

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