Parent Empowerment

Children don’t come with a manual, which is why every parent should take these courses. We put the “power” in Parent Empowerment with everything from mentoring to life skills.

For parents of older students, we also hold workshops with representatives from both the Cal State and UC systems and help walk you through communicating with your teen while they apply.

Find out more about the schools in your area, what programs they offer and why some of those programs might be a good fit for your child. Learn the inside details of common core and which courses your child must complete to be accepted to a good college.

A sample of last year’s Empowerment activities:

* Multiple Workshops from Cal State and UC

* Explanation of the A-G requirements for college acceptance

* Life skills:

  • How to unplug and connect with people.

  • The art of writing letters.

  • How to balance your checkbook

* LA Unified School District explained the common core

* Learn everyday tools that empower your young students (outside of instruction):

  • Glossary

  • Playlists

  • Document portal

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