Tutoring & Homework Lab

Bridges Academic Center of Excellence, founded in 1997, has helped hundreds of students in the Los Angeles area take control of their academic lives.

Tutoring and homework support are offered in all subject matters for students in grades 1-12. We serve at least 70 students annually at a ratio of 7 per tutor/teacher.

On average, students have improved by two letter grades as they receive the support needed to succeed through the grade levels. In addition, during the COVID-19 pandemic, our program is being held virtually via Zoom, with each student receiving one-on-one tutoring and homework support.

The program is offered free of cost to our students; however, the program cost per student ranges between $1,526.00 and $2,500.00 annually.

We welcome all donations to our Tutoring & Homework Lab program as they  allow us to hire experienced tutors and cover operating costs, enabling our program to continue successfully.

We offer a variety of options in our Tutoring & Homework Lab:

  • 1-on-1 attention

  • Group options

  • Tutoring in all subjects

  • Homework assistance

  • Mentoring

  • Test preparation

  • Research Methodology

  • Writing help, with introductions to a variety of writers and writing resources

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EMAIL: INFO@BRIDGESACADEMICCENTER.ORG   |   OFFICE: 310.538.9185   |   FAX: 310.538.9244